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Vector therapy.

Vector therapy is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at the periodontitis treatment. It is the most gentle and yet effective periodontal disease treatment at the moment. Vector therapy may be used alone or in combination with surgical treatment methods. Periodontitis is a disease, which accepts only comprehensive measures in the oral cavity. And even if you have an extensive surgery planned, Vector therapy doesn’t become less important, it plays the leading part.

The area of application of Vector therapy:
•    Generalized periodontitis of all stages.
•    Gingivitis (hypertrophic, catarrhal, necrotizing).
•    Gingivitis of pregnant women.
•    Periodontitis associated with systemic diseases.
•    Peri-implant pathology.
•    Preventive care for the patients with implants and before surgery.

Vector therapy contraindications:
•    Paradontosis (relative contraindication).
•    Pacemakers of an old generation.
•    Allergy to Polish Fluid and Abrasive Fluid (ether compounds).

The mechanism of Vector apparatus:
•    Modified linear ultrasonic vibrations that are different from the traditional ultrasound (ring resonance structures).
•    Indirect influence on the solid structure.
•    Hydrodynamic impact.

Advantages of Vector therapy are obvious to the doctor as well as the patient:
•    Painless.
•    No damage to the hard tissues (curettage and scaling affects glassy surface, destructs root cement).
•    Tactile control.
•    Less effort on the doctor’s part.
•    No aerosol cloud.
•    Can be used on acute stages.
•    In many cases there is no need for surgery.

The principles of Vector therapy at the Smile Dental Center are worked through to the last detail. Vector therapy procedure is conducted after the dental deposit careful removal (using an ultrasound and Air-flow method). Teeth must be perfectly clean before conducting Vector therapy. Then every periodontal pocket is treated during one visit using Vector. The treatment of one tooth takes about 4 minutes totally. The whole procedure of removing dental plaque and Vector therapy lasts about 1.5–2 hours. The principle of Vector therapy is fundamentally different from the removal of dental deposits. Vector therapy doesn’t involve scratching the surface, only moving to the bottom of the pocket and along the tooth root. Minimum interference is obvious!


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