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Preparation to pregnancy.

Families all over the world plan pregnancy carefully, young parents approach with the issue of conceiving a baby responsibly. It has already been proved that many dental problems are inherited. Future parents need to take care of their oral cavity. Unfortunately, many women in the post-Soviet countries forget about it. Moreover, during pregnancy many dental problems cannot be treated for fear of harming the baby. It certainly does not mean that a pregnant woman should lose her teeth because of the baby. She just needs to get ready for pregnancy. It's wise to get checked up by your dentist, take a panoramic image of all the teeth in order to discover all the hidden problems and have routine treatment. It is also desirable to solve gum problems (if any), since pregnancy can cause exacerbation of periodontal disease.

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Dental work during pregnancy.

Dentists should pay special attention to dental care of pregnant women. Ladies are more prone to stress and run a higher risk of complications in such a delicate period of life. One also shouldn't forget about the drug impact on the fetus during dental treatment. That's why doctors recommend preparing for pregnancy, so that while pregnant you wouldn't need to visit a doctor because your untreated dental problems flared up

Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The birth of a baby is certainly the most important event in the life of every woman. After giving birth to a baby a young mother gets totally immersed in motherhood, taking care of her new baby. But still, moms shouldn’t forget about their own health and all the problems that arose during pregnancy need to be solved as quickly as possible.