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Dental tours to Ukraine

Residents of the Russian capital are choosing the Ukrainian capital for high-quality dental care.

What makes people go on dental tours to Ukraine instead of going, for example, to Ryazan or other cities in Russia?

It's simple, there is a widespread belief that specialists in the provincial towns are worse, and the materials they use are not the same as in the capital.

The capital of Ukraine is another story. If the clinic has survived tough competition, it should have modern equipment and the best materials, and the National Medical University has always been famous for experienced professionals. In addition, the prices fordental treatment are lower than in Moscow, so foreigners go to the dental clinics in Kiev, the majority of dental tourists being Russian citizens.

Dental tourists focus on dental prosthetics, implantation, orthodontics and full dental caries treatment. If we look at the percentage of these treatments, the undisputed leader of dental tourism is prosthetics 40%, implantation 25%, orthodontics 10%, caries 20%, other treatments 5%. Of course such a division is quite relative as a full treatment of the oral cavity is common, but the priority areas can be easily identified:

Today orthodontics is becoming more popular in dental tourism. After all, if you wear high quality braces, your visits to the orthodontist can be significantly reduced without compromising the health of your teeth. The prices of braces in the Russian capital are constantly increasing so patients choose Ukrainian orthodontic specialists.

However, the absolute favourite in the field of dental tourism is prosthetics with all types of modern dental restoration, including metal-ceramic crowns, metal-free ceramics, veneers and lumineers being in great demand.

For example, let’s make some simple calculations for a dental tour:







Metal-ceramic crowns






You save $ 1000, and this is just the beginning, as this table does not include preparation for dental prosthetics which takes a lot of money out of your budget.

It should be noted that you can find a cheaper place to stay in the capital of Ukraine, approximately 20 dollars less, and the above mentioned price is for a compartment on a fast train, which means that there is an additional opportunity to save money.

Of course the choice is yours, you can never contact a dental tourist agency, just go to Kiev and find a clinic, an apartment, etc, but why deprive yourself of little human joys? Entrust the organization of your dental tour to professionals, they will schedule your treatment and leisure time in the capital of Ukraine.

High quality treatment, nice rest, considerable savings with Dental Travel Agency!

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